Valentine’s Day classic ‘Sweethearts’ will be missing from store shelves this year

A classic Valentine’s Day candy will be missing from store shelves this year.

Sweethearts, the original conversation heart-shaped candy with cute messages, won’t be available this Valentine’s Day for candy lovers to give as gifts.

The original maker, Necco, also known as the New England Confectionary Company, closed its factory last year.

Spangler Candy Company, the new owner of the brand, says they didn’t have enough time to produce the wildly popular sweet treats.

However, company officials promise that sweethearts will make a return for the 2020 Valentine’s season.

According to, conversation hearts were the most popular Valentine’s candy last year.

While other brands have stepped in to fill the gap, the absence of the original Sweethearts may break your heart.

The company also plans to re-introduce Necco wafers to the marketplace sometime this year.

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